Becoming Unstuck – Handy Coaching Tools

If you are not a trained business coach, but have been dipping a toe in the water learning about coaching techniques, and the benefits they bring to most workplaces, you might find some of these tools useful.  Whether self coaching to solve a problem, or supporting a colleague, these points might prompt you to ask the right questions, to get the result you want.

Past event – Think about when something similar happened in the past, a time when you overcame a challenge. What did you do then that you can do now?

Pride – When did you feel proud? What happened? What skills did you use then, which will help now?

Imagery – Imagine what the goal or solution would look like, what you would like it to be? You know the one about if you can dream it you can be it? A few seconds day dreaming about what the ideal end point looks like is positive and healthy.

Who else – Is there anyone you know, or admire, who has done something similar? What did they do? How did they do it? What can you learn from their approach?

Worst thing – What is the worst thing that can happen? Be careful using this one, it can be negative. But can also bring great relief. Maybe the situation is not that bad after all.

Different view – Walk in someone else’s shoes. Think of someone you know, or who you see in the organisation who seems to be getting it right. What might they do?

Clean space – Go to a space that knows more. Switch your current location, get away from the desk, take a walk in the park, or even a walk around the building. Use movement to stir the blood and ignite the brain, so that better thoughts can come through.

I personally love that last one, a clean space, or a space that knows more, and use it as often as I can. Luckily I work from home in the beautiful countryside of County Meath in Ireland, so there is no shortage of beautiful spaces that ‘know more’ quite close to me. The ancient trees alone share their wisdom every time you rustle by.

From: Speak Now. Communicate Well in the Workplace

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