Have you ever listened to a disembodied voice on a webinar, hiding behind multiple slides, droning on and on, and felt that life was really, really too short for this? You probably let it run in the background, and went off to make tea, and no one blames you.

Don’t be that voice!

We like the human face and learn to read it from infancy. Yours is a very fine face indeed, and one we need to see clearly when you start presenting online so we can get to know you a little, and get a sense of your enthusiasm and knowledge. Long before we get to the detail, the ‘how’ of what you are saying, we need to understand the ‘why’ – that is, why we should listen to you. And your lovely face will tell us that better than anything else.

So show yourself at the start in full screen, make a connection, win us over, catch our attention, and then if you have to, you can share your screen later to show illustrations. A bit like the news presenter who introduces the story, then shows us the news reel, and comes back to us at the end of it to give us a back reference before going on to introduce the next story.

From Speak Now, Communicate Well in the Workplace.

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